CarraVid Nasal Spray

Help fight viruses that cause influenza and colds

CarraVid Nasal Spray

NIE: AKD 20704220033

CarraVid Nasal Spray is formulated with Iota-Carrageenan and hypertonic saline, where the combination has been clinically proven to have antiviral properties that help fight viruses that cause influenza and colds, as well as reducing the severity and duration of colds by up to 3 days.

Composition : hypertonic saline solution with 2 mg/ml of Iota-Carrageenan

Packaging size : 30 ml

The antiviral mechanism of Iota-Carrageenan is to form a protective layer, wrap germs, and remove them together with nasal secretions. The combination of Iota-Carrageenan with hypertonic saline may make it more effective at reducing common cold and influenza symptoms and duration. CarraVid Nasal Spray has a comfortable nozzle shape that can be directed directly into the nasal cavity.

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