StrataXRT® is a silicon-based wound dressing to prevent and treat radiation dermatitis. Radiation dermatitis is a common side effect which occurs during ongoing radiation treatment. Symptoms that are associated with radiation dermatitis include redness, skin peeling, ulceration and skin discolorations..

StrataXRT® is recommended to be applied following initial radiation and dries to form a thin, flexible and protective layer that creates an optimal environment for faster wound healing on skin affected by radio dermatitis.

Advantages of StrataXRT®:

  • No bolus effect – Safe to use during radio therapy treatment as it will not interfere with the radiation dose or affect targeted area.
  • Provides symptomatic relief – such as itching and discomfort
  • Bacteriostatic – stops bacteria from reproducing (for continuous applications). It can help decrease the risk of infection.
  • Dries quickly – After application, it will only take about 5 minutes to dry and turn into a film-like material.
  • Sterile (until opened) and biologically inert.


There are two packaging available: 20g tube and 50g tube.

  • One 20 g tube is enough to treat an area of 12 × 15 cm, twice per day for over 30 days.
  • One 50 g tube is enough to treat an area of 12 × 15 cm, twice per day for over 75 days.

StrataXRT® is recommended to be applied for a minimum of 60 – 90 days following the initial radiation or until no further improvement is seen. For chronic radiation dermatitis, continued use is recommended until no further improvement is seen. For best results, StrataXRT® should maintain in continuous contact with skin (24/7).

StrataXRT® may be applied more frequently to relieve itching or other symptoms.

StrataXRT® is manufactured by Stratpharma in Switzerland.

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