100% fish collagen powder (nano collagen)


NIE: POM SI204211171

Ai Colla product of BHN Co., Ltd., a Japanese company engaged in contract manufacturing of supplements/health foods.

Ai-Colla is 100% fish collagen powder (nano collagen). Derived from the fish Cyprinus carpio (goldfish) and Tilapia (tilapia).

Collagen contained in Ai-Colla will not damaged even when mixed in drinks/food hot and cold.

Ai-Colla can be consumed by mixing them beverages (coffee, juice, milk tea) and food (soup, pancakes, etc.).

Net weight per pack is 100-grams with a recommended daily use of 5-15 grams (1 sdt-1sdm) 1x a day for use 10-20 days / 1 pack. Based on clinical result in *8 weeks regular consumption results is improving skin condition.

Contact Person (Whatsapp): +62811117886