CytoSure PGS


CytoSure PGS

What is PGS?

Pre-implantation Genetic Screening or PGS, is a genetic test that can be used alongside IVF to improve pregnancy rates. PGS examines the pre-implanted embryo for chromosomal abnormalities.

Who can benefit from PGS?

  • Women who wants to increase their pregnancy rate during IVF
  • Women of advanced maternal age (35 and over)
  • Women who have had recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Couples who have had several cycles of unsuccessful IVF.
  • Couples who have had a previous pregnancy with a chromosomal abnormality

How does PGS work?

How Does PGS Work

Why CytoSure PGS?

Our PGS use cutting-edge technology using array comparative genomic hybridisation (aCGH) that has high accuracy in detecting chromosomal abnormalities. CytoSure PGS allows for a more faster and reliable PGS analysis.

 CytoSure PSG

Where can I do CytoSure PGS?

Our PGS is now available at IVF Clinic Morula, Jakarta. If you are not patient at Morula, you can also consult your doctor/IVF clinic and request for the CytoSure PGS test. If you are a hospital and would like to partner with us for the CytoSure PGS, please drop us an email at